We teach skills.
You learn confidence.

Work with instructors.
Learn essential home repair skills.
Let our DIY classes inspire you.

Where to start...become "Maintenance Ready"


1. Vocabulary & Identification
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Grow Skills

2. Work with tools
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Build Confidence

3. Complete basic repairs
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What next ... build your "Sweat Equity"

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What we do...

Home Repair Lab is designed to teach skills
and develop confidence.
Learn to when and where to tackle home maintenance projects.
Discover how to upgrade your home
and avoid costly mistakes.
Explore how to problem solve with your hands.
Discover common mistakes that hurt
home value.
Safety first. Act Safe. Be Safe.

What people are saying...

" The classes were all great, very engaging, and hands-on! They've helped us to gain confidence in doing our own work around the house. I would highly recommend the classes here to any homeowner looking to improve their DIY skills! "

T. M. - Google Reviews

"One of my favorite learning experiences ever.
Hands on, kind, and thoughtful instruction that left me confident afterward. What a dream!"

Jack M. - Google Reviews

"These classes are totally worth the investment -
you get hands on experience and learn how to do DIY the proper way. I’m so glad I found this spot and I highly recommend Hope Repair Lab!"

Samantha B. - Google Reviews

"I thought I was handy, but the additional knowledge from the classes I've attended has been so incredibly helpful in demystifying my frustrations with even the most basic repairs."

Samantha A. - Google Reviews

"Between the cost savings & the enormous sense of satisfaction that comes with being able to fix your problems, I'd recommend this course and HRL as an excellent investment in your home ownership..."

Jason T. - Google Reviews

Are you a Homeowner? Are you about to buy a house? Are you American? Are you a foreigner? Well, these classes are for you. You just don't know you need them yet. Believe me, they are life changing.

Marco A. - Google Reviews

"Stop wasting money on repairs,you could do it yourself. Or at least you will be able to spot the difference between a good job and a bad one. On the top of that, the classes are superfun."

Marco A. - Google Reviews

Where we are located...

About Us...

chris and mindy meyers from home repair lab
We found our love of real estate over 20 years ago. We have owned property as homeowners, landlords and renovators. We started just like many of our students. Neither of us considered ourselves “handy”. We spent years gaining knowledge and skills through trade schools, a ton of trial, lots of error and even more wasted money. We believed there had to be a better way to learn home construction, tool skills, repair work and renovations. When we couldn’t find it, we knew we had to build it – so we built Home Repair Lab.
We created a space where students can ask questions, pick up skills and develop into an informed homeowner we believe everyone can become. We hope you join us so that you can discover the “handy” person inside of you.