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Step 1 of "Maintenance Ready" is vocabulary & identify. Learn structural, plumbing and electrical systems so you can speak confidently to service professionals. Want to maintain YOUR home properly? Discover, what to look for, where it's located and when to make it a priority! Want to grow your skills & knowledge even MORE... Try Tool Skills Lab next!

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Home Fundamentals

Class 1 of 9 in becoming "Maintenance Ready"

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Learn everything you need about the INSIDE of home construction from the foundation to the roof plus how plumbing and electrical systems operate. Vocabulary is essential to being informed, communicating with service providers and taking additional classes at Home Repair Lab. We believe in this class so much that if you don't find it helpful we will give you your money back! Experience how and what we teach with NO RISK, GUARANTEED! BEGIN KNOWLEDGE, NEXT CLASS -> Maintenance Fundamentals.

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Maintenance Fundamentals

Class 2 of 9 in becoming "Maintenance Ready"

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Learn everything you need about the OUTSIDE of a home. This lecture style class walks you through the maintenance for a year in the life of your home. Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for years, knowing how to take care of the major components and systems will help prolong the life of your home and save you money. You will learn what to inspect and actions to take each season to keep your home in good condition. END KNOWLEDGE, BEGIN SKILLS, NEXT CLASS ->Tool Skills

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