Knowledge Lab

The first step in adding value to your home is understanding a home's structure and comfort systems. In this series you learn how your home functions and how to maintain a home. We want you to save both time and money. Being able to use the correct vocabulary related to your home will give you confidence and allow you to communicate effectively with service providers. You will have the opportunity to ask the questions you want answered without feeling like you are being "sold" anything. The information you gain in this series is a strong base from which to grow additional knowledge and skills as you take additional classes in the Lab.

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Home Fundamentals

1st Class

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Want to understand what's behind your walls without doing any demolition? Learn home construction from the foundation to the roof and how plumbing and electrical systems operate. Vocabulary is essential to being an informed homeowner and communicating with service providers. This is the first class of the two class Knowledge Lab series.

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Maintenance Fundamentals

2nd Class

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This lecture style class walks you through the maintenance for a year in the life of your home. Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for years, knowing how to take care of the major components and systems will help prolong the life of your home and save you money. You will learn what to inspect and actions to take each season to keep your home in good condition. This is the second class of the two class Knowledge Lab series.

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