Build a Box Organization

In this class you will create a wood box.  This task is a core carpentry skill that every homeowner can master. With this skill you can build custom storage solutions all the way up to cabinets or dressers for inside and out. In this class you will discover the basics of wood “joinery” with fasteners and without.

Tools: circular saw, miter saw, hammer, clamps, variable speed drill, and a speed square.

Materials: plywood, glue, nails, and screws.

The class objective is to establish comfort and skill with the tools, materials, and work environment. Increase your ability to problem solve with your hands by adding new tools and skills. Begin to establish your own expectations about you what can achieve and how much progress you can make. Understand when you can push yourself and when you should pause.
Participants will leave with 2 boxes that are approximately 19” wide by 8” high by 12” deep.